Who are we?

Based in Ahmedabad – India, ours is a small startup that intends to and shall, end up big!

We have intentionally steered clear of the usual outsourcing operations, as there are more than enough players there. Our niche is software products that shall look after your Enterprise as well as you do.

Our aim is to bring cloud-based technology to small and medium businesses that can benefit from it. Being one of them ourselves, we are better-equipped to understand their needs; their wants; their goals.

And speaking of goals, in the process of helping people run their business effectively, we intend to establish a user-community that bonds with us, our products and our services for a lifetime...

We are a proud member of Microsoft's BizSpark Program


What we do?

We built elegant and effective software.

They say the best way to test a product, is to actually use it.

So that is precisely what we do.

Not only do we test-pilot all our Products & Services, but even after they are launched in the market, we continue tinkering around in them for all our day-to-day work. That enables us to ensure whether the product lives up to its expectations. Plus it helps us come up with more enhancements, for its next version / upgrade.

We use our products everyday.

What's in the name?

The name derives from Centralized Information. And that, in a nutshell, is what we establish.
For any and every industry that involves moderate to highly complex products and processes. Our speciality being implementable, scalable web apps.

Pronounced as ‘Sentra-meshan’ (Centra-mation).

How do we provide support?

The Support Team: Not the traditional tech-team that one encounters in most such outfits. Our support comprises a specific policy for every developer to dedicate time exclusively for you! To tackle the issues you might face, and provide prompt, effective resolution to them.

This works out best for both sides involved: As far as you – as a client – are concerned, you get to interact directly with our developers, instead of going through a chain of hierarchy or bureaucracy. This nullifies the chances of miscommunication. And as far as our developers are concerned, they get the credit for a job well done!